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Free alignment checks

will have to pay for additional parts and labor

We know that Colorado Springs is know for its potholes, and its a risk we take everyday as we go to work. The potholes are not the only problem we face here in Colorado, but we also got to deal with the weather. So if you are ever driving in the slick ice and take a curb shoot and feel like the vehicle is not driving the way it is supped too. Then come visit your friends here a Precision Motors can help if you ever end up hitting a pothole hard then you wanted, or slammed into the curb. Our skilled technicians are trained and will make sure the job is done right. We inspect all front end suspension, steering, tie rods, ball joints, wheel bearings, and also check the rim to make sure nothing is seriously damaged. We will do all major repairs need to make sure that your vehicle drives straight, and is safe for you and what ever precious cargo you may be hauling. Our alignments are number one in Colorado Springs, so come by and see for yourself.